I am a Ph.D. student in the Data Mining Group @ UIUC (2017-2022, expected), advised by Professor Jiawei Han. Before that, I was a member of the Knowledge Engineering Group (KEG) of Tsinghua University, supervised by Professor Jie Tang. I was a research intern in Cornell University in 2016, working with Professor Thorsten Joachims and his group.

I’m obsessed with exciting problems on knowledge mining from unstructured data with real applications in real scenarios (e.g., with limited resource and human annotation). I worked on the information extraction module of the Aminer system at Tsinghua University (ASONAM’16, SNAM’18). I spent three summers at Google, building practical tools and systems on relation extraction, news story headline generation (WWW’20), and accelerating large-scale language model pre-training (NAACL’21). Full paper list can be found at Google Scholar. Please feel free to drop me an email on any interesting topics!